Suppliers of Ship Building and Industrial Equipments.

Supplier of Shipbuilding & Industrial Equipments

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Delmar Marine is the leading commercial marine company in Istanbul / Turkey, providing high added value quality services to the Turkish shipping and yachting industry.

Delmar Marine represents well known manufacturers covering a wide range of equipment. Our brands have strong name, highly reliable products, excellent reference lists, competitive prices and global service networks.

Delmar Marine is a leading marine commercial group serving the Turkish maritime community.

Delmar Marine was founded in 2004 and operates in Istanbul / Turkey. Delmar Marine employs qualified naval architects and marine engineers with a permanent staff presently consisting of 25 persons.

Our experience covers the areas of ship design, ship construction and operation, shipbuilding methods and management, marine engineering systems, high quality equipment & system supplies. Working with many well known marine equipment manufacturers as a sole agent in Turkey


All share holders of Delmar Marine are captains and engineers. So, since its launch, Delmar Marine is led by a love for the sea and the passion for perfection and quality in every project we undertake. Our philosophy is to provide added value to our customers through a range of products and services which cover the whole technical spects in a marine project,where its beginning.

This is achieved by a unique pool of graduate captains and engineers, supported by the expertise and resources of world well known marine equipment manufacturers which are solely represented by Delmar Marine.

Our aim is to provide cost efficient, reliable and functional solutions with quality and safety in mind, in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.


Our vision is to be a solution partner of our customers and try to as a consultant for all kind of their new projects. Support them about the new challenges among global maritime market.


Our mission is to be guidance of the new building segment to create high quality,most reliable projects to make Turkish maritime market a major player in global area.

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Delmar Marine represents well known manufacturers covering a wide range of equipment.

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